Four Paws Pet Care and Kennel

 A Great Place To Be A Dog

Four Paws is a fun place for dogs & cats - your source for doggy day care, overnight boarding for dogs with unlimited outdoor/indoor playtime, overnight boarding for cats, professional grooming and obedience training services!

A Great Place To Be A Dog

If you need boarding for your pet or your dog simply just needs more exercise, then Four Paws Pet Care & Kennel is the place for you! With spacious kennels, yards with playsets and kiddy pools, climate controlled large play rooms, and professional staff on duty at all times, your dog will never want to leave once they have experienced the joys of coming to Four Paws! And for your cat we have a separate "quiet" room where they spend their day lounging around in their multi level cat condo, bird and squirrel watching through the walls of windows that surround their room.  From time to time we have Pot Belly Pigs, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits board with us, all of which require private and specific care.  We are fully equiped to provide the best care for all your beloved family member who have four legs.  It is Free to become a Member, however dogs require an Interview done by appointment daily between 1pm-4pm.  Call for an appointment.  We are happy to accomodate special needs.

Visit our Deerfield Township location and see first hand why dogs and cats love Four Paws! Tours are conducted daily between 1pm-4pm.

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Doggy Day Care

Does your dog have excess energy or is your schedule just too hectic to give them the exercise and socialization he or she needs? Four Paws can help! Four Paws focuses on the mental and phsyical health of your dog by teaching them how to properly interact with other members of a "pack", giving them full day access to the large yard and indoor playroom, ensuring they get more than enough exercise and socialization skills to be the happy and content dog you desire. They are never without Professional Dog Handlers during the entire stay. After a day of play with their pals at Four Paws your dog will not only be tired and ready to relax with you, but all the skills learned from our handlers will help with all facets of home life provided you follow through as well.  Walking your dog is great exercise but Doggy Day Care takes exercise and social skills and learning capabilities to a higher level. 

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Overnight Boarding

Going out of town and need someone you can trust with your beloved pet? Look no further! Four Paws provides each dog with their own spacious kennel used only for eating, sleeping and for some elderly dogs, naptimes. Boarded dogs have all day access to our Doggy Day Care at no additional cost. Your dog will be able to spend all of their time socializing, learning skills, and just having fun with their newfound friends! If you're a cat person we can board your feline friends as well! Cats have a 360 view of the outside via walls of windows. They have their own special room and receive a bounty of attention from the staffers on break, between shifts, and have a tendency to be the soothing facet handlers need before and/or after a shift in the dog yards. It's a wonderful Ying and Yang energy for staff having the dogs and the cats. We all benefit from one another!

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Additional Services

Professional Grooming Services
     by appointment only
Bathe & Brush
    $20-30 includes blow dry - for Members only
Nail Trims
    Members $10      Non-Members  $13   
Obedience Training 
    Referrals for Classes or Private Sessions

Note: ALL "Members" have completed an INTERVIEW process as well as maintain a complete and current file  oF customer information as well as Proof of Vaccines from veterinarians.  INTERVIEWS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY .  Call 513-774-9222 to schedule your dog's interview. Allow 20 minutes for your appointment.